Mayura special
Well, there is only the korean version of Mayura still available, the japanese page with her seems to exist anymore.
You can get the korean version over here, also a patch for her.
The patch however is only for showing korean letters correctly instead of weird signs.
I wasn't able to do even a partial translation, because the scripts are encoded. Unsatisfying.
If you got her final or earlier japanese version in time or can get "(伺か) Mayura Maniacs v101.7z" you are lucky.
The final version of her and in 7z file included mayura_v350.nar file are nearly same.
Same shell, same scripts, same file sizes - only date is 2005 or 2012.
The difference to korean version (v319h), besides language, is the shell.
The korean version uses the old shell with white outlines, the newer japanese version works with alphachannel, so no white surroundings of characters.
I will not do a re-distribution!  

I'm working on new, advanced patches. There have to be two.
One will basically change the korean version to the japanese one, but I started to do some translation to english language.
Then I will add some animation for the shell too.   (this will not work for the newer japanese shell at all)
If you can get the korean version, after installation, before calling her up and using the patch, first rename her directory from  "¸¶À¯¶ó"   to "mayura-k".
(otherwise the patch will not work!)

  »K-patch DL«
[Last update: 2020-03-03]   (Ver.3k) *
(still working on translation)

For japanese version you don't have to do anything, however better to use the patch before even calling her up only one time after installation.

  »J-patch DL«
[Last update: 2020-03-03]   (Ver.3k)*
(still working on translation)

I have to deal with the usual difficulties when translating:
a/the?   he/she?   singular/plural?   present/past?   etc ...   -   then random talk is also littered with text modules, and there are 400 lines there, so almost half a novel!
The menu is also very branched and some menu items also have a bunch of lines - like in random talk...
I got no translation for 'shiteoku'. Not at all, so what to do? Since it starts with 'shi', possibly deadly, doomed, fate, fail or gameover? I'll leave it alone first.   (disappointing I think)
Well, I started translating - advanced meanwhile...
* Text blocks for random talk done... going to menu's left issues
There is a download of  v330  at Nanika with Mayura (page changed from 2 to 5 and ongoing I think),   now here (dropbox).
Well it's a japanese version, however it works too with Makoto, so only thing I could see in balloons was ?????????   And the scripts are encoded for this release too.
Use the K-Patch for her after installation, before calling her up. 2 ways: change directory name to "mayura-k" on your disk, or change in archive's install.txt to "mayura".