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Odin Izun Ghost: Izun (english)
何か versum
Izun - release page   (If you still got SSP from other source, here separately the ghost only)

Author: H.P.DU/16/MIY
Archive Update: 2019-02-03
Fake AI used: misaka.dll
Izun surfaces used: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,25
Odin surfaces used: 10,11,12,13

There are more ghosts than only Izun.   Please use the line above her:   "1st ones/2018/2019/2020/2021"   -   11+17+1+17+7=53 ghosts listed with links to download pages.   (there are some own I made too)
If you want more, please make your own (Zarla's 'Ghost Template' and 'Walkthrough' may be a help [see 1st ones]).
Though Zarla still wrote a manual, I decided to translate my own workshop (a blank nar file added at 'Ghost' page on bottom), also working on templates for other than aya5/yaya SHIORIs too, like misaka.
Structure of listings:
All ghost's entries are displayed in a balloon shaped section. These sections have two rows. (like for Izun above as an example)
First row tells Kero(sidekick) name, Sakura(main character) name, ghost name.   Second row shows a preview picture of Kero and Sakura, then there are two links and notes (no especially descriptions for talk content or behavior).
- Preview pictures all are not in same size like for example at GHOST TOWN.   It's half scale of surface10(Kero) and surface0(Sakura) - so you may imagine size on screen.
- First link is to the ghost author's main page like for example at GHOST TOWN or others - maybe interesting because the author also offers games, short stories, mangas/webcomics or CG.
  However, the ghost download page maybe hard to find, especially if the author's page is a blog. (So NGC, originally and my version own a second link)
- Second link is directly to the ghost's download page. On some pages nevertheless the download(s) maybe hard to find.   It's up to the ghost author to tell about talk content and behavior.   (and not up to list-leader's matter)
Then, all listings here, so for english, french, german, japanese, chinese, korean ghosts and free shells use this structure.
Well, what shall I say? If you have an idea to make a ghost, but your drawing skills to make a shell are limited? There is a solution...
...ever heard of free shells? There are a lot! Chinese and japanese artists as well offer shells for free use. Some of these shells have been used several times, please take a   look.
May be you don't like characters with legs cut, as I can see from listed english speaking ghosts. Well, there is a listing of free shells too, where the characters have feet.