Izun - english only!

Here I left out german and french parts.

Stays an example ghost.
Again, the shell is a free shell, so you can use for your own ghost if you want.
Well, okay, take whole ghost as a template.
Maybe you can get along better with misaka.dll than with aya5/yaya.dll.
However, it's your decision which SHIORI you will use.
The shell has been used already several times.
Most of these ghost are no more available and all (except 1 korean, 1 chinese) have been in japanese language.
So why not some english ones?

[Last Update: 2019-02-03]

(2019: More entries for program menu in english, so works better for Materia,
  this way maybe also usefully for compatible Mac apps and Ninix)

You should know something about how to write special characters.
2019-02-06: Well, I tested this ghost with Windows using two other basic softwares, so this time not SSP:          


      C.R.O.W. :