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  Special: Kanaya Azami
  In descript.txt, so in listing the main character's name is あざみ - Azami (thistle).
  After installation on first boot she introduces herself as 金屋あざみφ(かなやあざみφ [« another notation])-   Kanaya Azami φ.
  You can find the link to her ghost's release page   »here«. (please use release page link)   There also are some links to addon shells.
  However, only the link with banner will work.   (as usually only a link to author's main page)
  Here a link to direct release page, followed by two other pages/shells:
あざみ Shell: 白黒狐
白黒狐 - release page

Author: bottlecat
Archive Update: 2012-08-30

Unfortunataly a very long page with a lot of stuff.
You can find her at middle range, please look for date.
Then "/1" is for previews, which are not shown directly on page.   (I wonder why not even shown in downscaled size)
Preview is bw.png, download (ダウンロード) is bw.nar.
あざみ Shell: 和服あざみん
和服あざみん - release page

Author: miso
Archive Update: 2015-08-23

There are some more addon shells on this page[4], on previous and next ones(sum 6) too.
You may try other shells, then you have to find out which ghost they belong to.
(Addon shells are only installable for dedicated ghosts)
あざみ Shell: 部屋着
部屋着 - release page

Author: iridescentdog
Archive Update: 2014-01-21

Only one item! So uniquely. Nice!!
Nice too is that she is not only blinking, also ears and tail have an animation.