Scottei told me about to have found downloads 2 times. [thanks :-)]
The readme file is a new one(2021), also some others.
UMEKICHI self send it to following pages?

Axfc Networks
google drive

If using her in original, there only 'mojibake' will be shown in balloons.
Therefore I made a patch (overwrites some scripts)...

However, first you need the original (hana_last.nar - from above links),
then you may use the patch.

    [Last version: 24-04-29]
  (some tons of lines translated yet)

  !The patch only includes a partial translation...   (so, many mojibake left)
Ghosts can be very different. Some have not many lines, others have tons of lines.
Hana-chan has tons,tons & tons of lines!
Therefore she's not really qualified for use as a template.
Translated parts combined with leftover mojibake shall only demontrate,
ghosts with misaka.dll can be used for lines written in english with no problem.
More usable as Hana-chan are two other templates I made.
To be found here.

special problem