Anyone who should have gone through my lists should have noticed that there are some cute characters but also a lot of others.
This is not a site for young children here!
(apart from the fact that children should not be able to move freely on the Internet, if necessary under supervision)

The target audience for most, if not all, ghost authors are among others (but not only) people, who in principle could have the potential to create such figures by themself.
(even teenagers, with a little support and guidance)

The internet has its own laws, especially Rule 34.   You could also call it a kind of pandemic.

There are also a few filthy fools with the ghost authors.
At first I didn't care much about it and just sorted out the obvious 'mistakes', maybe not completely - sorry...
Lately I've taken it more seriously and blocked the links on sites that also offer harmless ghosts, but not only those.
Yes, I still list, but there are no more links there!
I might have missed a few more...
I ask you to inform me about, instead of reporting it to a third party and blackmailing me on the search engines!

There could be a problem with both of my email addresses that I have not yet been able to verify...
...I get loads of advertising, but no emails on the subject.
I can't remember making specific settings for the spam filter.   Maybe 'Ukagaka' belongs to the spam there without my intervention.
So please do not write the term in 'subject/regard'.   In the text, only in the text, maybe the abbreviation 'ukgk'...