English translated ghosts:
Sorry, no complete translations - only parts.
Some events and some menu. However, this way maybe you can 'work' with these ghosts.
The reason is I don't speak japanese and google is definitly not good enough for full translation, especially for 'random talk'.
Well, these files here are only patches - first you need the originally ghost. Download and install, then use the patch.
うにゅう なしの Ghost: 梨野
Junk Yard
梨野 - release page

Author: Tihiro.Hayasaka
Archive Update: 2003-03-19
Fake AI used: nasino.dll
なしの surfaces used: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
うにゅう surfaces used: 10,11

Partly translation:
OK, even tranlations of events and menus are not really welldone, mostly in 2009. Maybe I should redo. Better, someone else could help with translation.
Tabula rasa!
Only this one now.
Nasino as some sort of template. If someone wants to try ghostmaking with nasino.dll as Shiori. May be you can go for it.

I have done yet or will do the deleted ones again and even more.
Reduced to menu only and this as an addition, so more like a supplement.
I mean, no deleted lines or changes by overwriting lines. Only additionally lines inserted.
To be found in a box in the listings for korean, chinese and japanese ghosts as well. (only some few but increasing slowly)