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    (Notes to 'Shiori')

  'Shiori' is the term for these "fake AI"s, used to let run 'ghosts', a dynamic link library (short spoken dll) - in this case a conversation-generating module which needs a basic program like SSP (Sakura Script Player), Materia or CROW.
First 'Shiori' was same named shiori.dll (newer versions available). There are or have been templetes, first was FUDS (First Use Dictionary Set - no more available) I think. Newest dll is KAWARI 8.28.
There are or have been a lot of other 'Shiori's like hisui.dll, misaka.dll, niseshiori.dll, yuhna.dll, etc. - which haven't been used very often.
Most used 'Shiori' is satori.dll - see notes there.
Now coming to aya/aya5/yaya.dll - Emily, the ghost coming up with SSP-release works with this 'Shiori'.

Well, there are some english speaking ghosts.
  There is a template too, on release site is a complete manual - or better called walkthrough:
Triangle Girl Ghost: GT Ghost Template
Ashido Tetrisu
GT Ghost Template - release page

Author: Zarla
Last Update: 2014-11-26
Fake AI used: aya5.dll
Girl surfaces used: 0,...
Triangle surfaces used: 10,...
Well, I think you are able to built your own ghost now.
Hmm, you are not good in drawings? Does'nt matter.
You are really unlucky with your drawings? Well, many ghost authors use a FreeShell made by specialized shell creators.