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First thing:
this page is named Ghost Center...
...not Shell Center!

I will most times remark if there are
addon shells on same page as ghost,
but there will be no separate entries.  

Free shells have separate listings,
please take a look at link below.
Ghosts based on old satori.dll versions all work fine
with japanese Windows, may be other japanese OS too!  
However can be a real mess with english, german, ...
versions of Windows or other OS!!  
(see notes below)
There may be patches, or may be none to new versions.

A lot of ghosts have been updated to a new version,
mostly in 2014...
...or still have been made with a new version.  
...there are a lot of not available pages,
or pages with broken download links,
or blogs where you can't find no nothing.  
(Some ghosts are posted via Twitter or else...)

Many of these pages/ghosts you can get
nevertheless if you are lucky...
...in second part of my listings.
Somewhen between 2006 and 2011 there have been 20 entries
deleted on first 81 pages of japanese, originally NGC.
Not wrong but not whole truth.
I did start investigation of ghosts in 2006...
...later found out more using WayBackMachine (inter alia),
507 entries missing on first 110 of 170 pages due to preview
picture numbering. Many more no more available linked pages...
...why not run own lists? (btw old NGC ended in september 2013)
Continuing here...
Some free shell listings. Some notes to satori.dll and other Shioris.   (to do list)     some statistics   some Links
Recently I decided to do some listings for ghosts which got lost overtime. (gone with the web?)   (2023/01/12)   Yeah, this is the second part!   (with sometimes a little help to get a ghost another way)


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